Pas Muslimat pushes to take Nenggiri seat

Pas women’s wing are pushing for its party to take over the Nenggiri state seat from Bersatu since the seat has been vacated from its incumbent state assemblyman Azizi Abu Naim.

Pas Muslimat Wing chief Nuridah Salleh said the people of Nenggiri are disappointed with Azizi who betrayed them after the latter declared his support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Azizi is also Gua Musang MP.

“The people of Nenggiri have to be convinced and the chosen candidate must be one with a stand who doesn’t past mistakes.

“(Bersatu giving up) This would show Bersatu’s openness to accept this as a method to value friendship and togetherness within PN. It would also ensure that Nenggiri seat doesn’t fall to the opposition,” Nuridah said, reported Harakah Daily which is Pas’ official media.

The seat was allocated to Bersatu previously.

Gua Musang Pas had previously submitted three names as candidates.

In a related development, Bersatu seems to have three viable candidates to contest in Nenggiri.

They are Kuala Krai division chief Zulfaqar Dahalan, Gua Musang ex-deputy division chief Che Ariffin Hussin and ex Umno Youth division chief who is now in Bersatu, Sheikh Razali Hamad.