Suspended cop interrogates on live TikTok session over Esha’s death

In spite of the warning against speculating into the death of TikTok influencer, Rajeswari Appahu by Communication Minister Fahmi Fadzil, two individuals hosted live sessions where plenty of speculations and half baked stories were made on live TikTok sessions.

Rajeswari who is better known as Esha died on 5 July.

Controversial suspended policewoman S Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar questioned another TikTok user who goes by the TikTok user @drdvMalar while hosting a live session for about an hour last night.

The method of questioning was done similar to police interrogation methods. This was especially so when @drdvMalar was unable to fill in the gaps regarding the timeline and what was done before and after.

Earlier Sheila also implied that she was questioning on behalf of Shalini Periasamy, a suspect who was recently detained in Rawang, Selangor and held under remand.

The gaps in @drdvmalar’s narration which was filled with holes and were not entirely true led to Sheila giving drdvMalar a verbal lashing before ending her life.

“Please tell what happened properly. What is your level of education?” Sheila said, raising her voice.

“I am telling what I know. You don’t understand.”

“Last I know, Esha invited Sheila Periasamy who goes by the@alphaquinn,” @drdvMalar said in reference to Shalini Periasamy who goes by the TikTok handle @alphaquinn.

“Listening to your story I am getting confused. So many story you don’t know,” host Sheila Sharon told off @drdvMalar

She then engaged with another user @Gajeanthiravanan who also attempted to explain but Sheila blew her top and ended her live session.

Sheila conducted her live about 11pm to 12 midnight. The controversial police official has 20,500 followers on TikTok and her TikTok handle is @sheilasharon7.

Shaman invoked British soldier’s spirit to protect Esha

TikTok account holder Tok Sidik Gong Sumedang among others claimed that he invoked the spirit of a British soldier for protection.

In his live session, he claimed to have attended Esha’s funeral on 7 July.

“Her soul is not at peace. She is crying. I have invoked the spirit of a British soldier who us buried in Kuala Lumpur to protect Esha’s soul.

In addition to that, he also claimed that he has released some spirits to avenge Esha’s death.

Tok Sidik Gong Sumedang describes himself as a Sulawesi ‘bomoh’, the Malay term for shaman.

He has 14,100 followers on TikTok.

For the record, the investigation officer in this case is Inspector Kumaran Krishnan who is with the Sentul police district headquarters.