Karpal Singh Law Scholarship is now open

Law students can now apply to obtain funds from the Karpal Singh Law Scholarship.

“Application for the Karpal Singh Law Scholarship is now open from today until July 24,” said DAP’s central executive committee member Syahredzan Johan.

Syahredzan who is also Bangi MP also said that five applicants would be recipients of the scholarship.

“For this year, RM100,000 have been allocated by DAP. Five applicants would be selected and each recipient would receive RM20,000.

“The names of successful applicants would be announced in August 2024,” he said.

Application is open to all Malaysian who are studying law in the public and private higher education institutions, both in Malaysia and abroad.

The application has to be made online via https:llbit.ly/3RTmfsn

Supporting documents such as offer letter or confirmation letter must be included in the application.

Applicants are also required to make a written statement or a short video that justifies why they are worthy of the scholarship.

Further enquiries regarding this scholarship can be enquired by phone 03-9200 5000 or dap@dapmalaysia.org

The Karpal Singh Law Scholarship was announced on April 17 this by DAP secretary general Anthony Loke Siew Fook in the memory of the former DAP leader who passed away a decade ago.

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