Murderer failed to escape death

Kher Tian Hock, murderer of 18-year-old See Sheau Fang, who was raped and buried 20 years ago, failed to escape death, headlined China Press, Guang Ming Daily and Kwong Wah Daily.

The Federal Court’s three-judge panel unanimously rejected Kher’s appeal to overturn his death sentence and ruled to uphold the death penalty.

See went missing on the evening of February 26, 2004, following which a police report was lodged. She was found dead on 8 March 2004. An autopsy report said that she was raped and murdered. The semen found on her body proves that Ker committed the murder.

Nanyang Daily reported that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim emphasized that the Madani Budget 2025, is to be presented to Parliament in October this year.

The budget will focus on administrative reforms and driving economic restructuring, to enable the country to achieve greater wealth and become a leading economy in Asia.

On July 9, the Education Ministry unveiled plans to introduce living allowances for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) students, front-paged Sin Chew Daily.

The purpose is to boost enrollment and interest in the program.


Nanyang Daily said the Human Resources Development Fund corruption case and the rising cost of living were among the main reasons for the unity government’s significant defeat in the Sungai Bakap by-election. Nanyang Daily added that the unity government should focus on how to prevent the continued negative impact of these circumstances following their defeat.

The results of the by-election speak for themselves, especially since this was a Penang state seat by-election in a stronghold of the ruling party, where the opposition did not campaign vigorously yet still achieved a landslide victory, the daily said.

This time, the voices of the people are not only coming from the voters of Sungai Bakap but potentially reflecting sentiments nationwide, Nanyang Daily added.

Sin Chew Daily said that if the “Kedah and Perlis gambling license renewal case” is also deemed unconstitutional by a three-judge panel, similar to the successful challenge against Kelantan’s Syariah criminal code by two lawyers, it would deal a significant blow to Pas’s efforts to promote the Islamization of the states they govern, the daily reported.

The daily added that such outcomes would also declare to the world that state government powers cannot override the Federal Constitution.