SPM top scorers who have not obtained matriculation admission can contact us

Students in Butterworth, Penang who have scored 10 ‘A’s or more in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and have not yet received their matriculation admission notifications can contact either Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Lim Guan Eng or Education Deputy Minister Wong Kah Woh for assistance.

“Students in Butterworth, Penang, who have achieved 10 ‘A’s or more, but have not yet received their matriculation admission notifications, please contact me or Education Deputy Minister, Wong Kah Woh,” Lim said via a Facebook post.

“Only a few with 10 ‘A’s have not received notifications, unlike in previous years when many might not have received any notification,” he added.

He added that these individuals can appeal directly to the Deputy Minister, provide him with a copy, and he will personally handle the issue.

“We must have confidence in the Prime Minister; he said that all students with 10 ‘A’s or above will enter the matriculation programme, so he will definitely solve the problem,” he said.

He said that this year in Butterworth, a total of 80 outstanding students achieved 10 ‘A’s and 11 ‘A’s in the SPM exams — 78 students achieved 10 ‘A’s, and 2 achieved 11 ‘A’s.

He said of the 78 students with 10 ‘A’s, 76 are from Chung Ling Butterworth High School, and two are from SMK Bagan Jaya. The only two students with 11 ‘A’s are from SMK Dato’ Onn Butterworth.

On Sunday, Lim distributed scholarships to all the outstanding students in Butterworth who achieved 10 ‘A’s and 11 ‘A’s. He reassured those few who had not yet received their matriculation admission notifications that they can contact him or Wong for assistance.

Students with 10 ‘A’s received RM500, while those with 11 ‘A’s received RM600.

Lim mentioned that the initiative to award scholarships to outstanding SPM students in Butterworth this year was initially launched by him with an amount of RM50,000.

Additional funds were provided by Bagan Jermal State assemblyman Chee Yeeh Keen (RM10,000), Bagan Dalam State assemblyman Kumaran Krishnan (RM10,000), Sungai Puyu State assemblywoman Phee Syn Tze (RM10,000), and Senator Dr RA Lingeshwaran (RM20,000).