Gross marriage rates are on downward trend, except for Bumiputeras

The bumiputera recorded 16 weddings for every 1000 people in 2022 rose compared 10.9 weddings in 2016.

The gross wedding rate statistics for the Chinese is 9.8 in 2016, 6.3 for 2020 and 6.6 in 2022. For the Indians it dropped from 12.2 in 2016 to 11.1 in 2022.

The statistics was revealed by Women Family and Community Development Minister Nancy Shukri in her written reply to Sim Tze Tzin (PH-Bayan Baru).

Sim had asked for marriage rates according to races and solutions to the dropping marriage rates.

The 2014 Malaysia and Population Research identified three reasons for the single men and women (25-49 years of age) against marriage.

“For men, 56% cite financial problems, 18.4% claimed not having a suitable match and 9.4% are focused on their career.

“For women, 35.7% cited lack of a suitable match, 26% have financial issues and 18.1% are focused on their career.

In view of this, the ministry have started educational programmes on marriage and familyhood, as well as family support services.

a) SMARTSTART 2.0 pre marriage course are for single individuals.
b) SMARTSTART 2nd Honeymoon is to reduce divorce rates
c) Keluarga@Kerja is to build skills and special guidance for working couples to balance family and career.
d)Parenthood and family education is meant to raise the knowledge and parenting skills.
e) Family support services provide marriage and family counselling.

Jakim also conducts pre marriage courses for Muslim couples.

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