Remaining 10A SPM holders guaranteed a place in matriculation programme by August

Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek announced that all Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates with 10As that are still waiting to be accepted into matriculation programs, will secure placements by August.

“Why the third week of August? This is because UPU offers will be made on Aug 6,” she mentioned today at the special session in the Dewan Rakyat’s chambers.

The Unit Pengambilan Universiti (UPU) oversees applications for admission to public universities and community colleges, among its other responsibilities.

Fadhlina stated that the ministry plans to provide these students with the option of either enrolling in a matriculation college or pursuing a diploma or foundation course at a public institution.

She was responding to Chong Chien Jen (PH-Stampin), who asked about the number of 10A SPM holders, who do not yet have a place in matriculation college. 

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim previously announced that beginning with the 2025 intake, students who achieve 10As or more in their SPM examinations will be guaranteed places in matriculation colleges, regardless of their race or background.

According to Fadhlina, 4,165 students have received offers for the program, while 712 students are still awaiting theirs.

“In the first intake, 3,684 students were offered places, including 2,496 Bumiputera and 1,188 non-Bumiputera students.

“For the second intake, 400 students were offered places, comprising 33 Bumiputera and 367 non-Bumiputera students,” she said.

She said 4,877 students, scoring 10As or above in SPM, applied for the matriculation programme. Among them, 2,610 were Bumiputera and 2,267 were non-Bumiputera.

Anwar clarified during the announcement of the 10As policy that the current Bumiputera quota for the matriculation programme would remain unchanged.

In 2002, the government ended race-based admissions to public universities. 

However, matriculation colleges continue to enforce a 90% quota for Bumiputeras, reserving specific foundation courses exclusively for this group.

Fadhlina reiterated the ministry’s dedication to upholding the current quota policy.

“The quota remains our commitment as well, so there is no concern about how the 90% and 10% processes are managed,” she said.