A disgrace to USM & PhD programs

A disgrace to USM & PhD programs

Seriously, Siti Mastura Muhammad (PN-Kepala Batas) is a disgrace to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program available in Malaysia.

Earlier today she and her lawyer submitted reference materials that led her to link DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang, DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng, founder of modern Singapore Lee Kuan Yew who she referred to as Lim Kuan Yew to Malayan Communist Party Chin Peng.

She also alleged that Guan Eng’s wife, Betty Chew is a cousin to Teresa Kok.

This is in addition to another allegation that Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming, Transport Minister Anthony Loke are related to Guan Eng.

It is a little perplexing to see Siti Mastura that has no common sense about the Chinese community questioning the police in Bukit Aman about their probe on Guan Eng’s case which clearly is not a case at all.

The DAP chairman who is also Bagan MP got into hot soup over reports that Buddhist and Chinese temples in Penang would be destroyed if Perikatan Nasional was in power in Penang.

He has denied the allegations and it has been supported by the media.

But let’s get back to Siti Mastura’s allegations.

In this current post truth age, it is clear that the reference materials that the first term MP read is a political propaganda material.

Facts and truth are not ingredients for propaganda materials.

Retract her PhD, USM

It is appalling that this lady submitted propaganda materials to the police as her basis to make such allegations.

Since she is from Pas, perhaps it is time for her to reflect on chapter 33 verse 70 of the Quran. The verse in English states: “O believers! Be mindful of Allah, and say what is right.”

By going against the above mentioned verse, doesn’t that actually make her a hypocrite instead of a believer?

On that note, USM should consider retracting the PhD that it conferred to her.

As for the DAP leaders who have filed suits against her, please take a leaf from the Singapore leader and sue her to the point of bankruptcy.

Kepala Batas voters deserve someone who has common sense and ability to determine facts from propaganda.


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    Sunda 3 weeks

    Hope this time around, such fanatic mindset person given proper punishment. Retract her PHD and dismiss her as MP. No more double standard. Dear PMX , rakyat is watching, you smart move punishing her may save your honorable PM seat in the future. 

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      LIM YEW SOON 2 weeks

      Agreed, retract her PhD because 1. her level of intellectually doesn’t deserve it 2. she has lost her integrity and honestly 3. how can a PhD holder quote from unconfirm articles from political parties. 4. Her general knowledge is too shallow even about things within her own country 5. Otherwise, it says a lot about the quality of your PhD’s…….. absolutely questionable or deplorable….

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      What about punishing someone to be a bad father at work? Or a bad husband? There are so many people nowadays that are so bad in their family relationship yet they are very successful in their career? Should we sack these kind of people from their work because of their family affairs?

      I am implying that if we use your logic and the author’s logic, the world will be a chaotic place. Don’t add up this logic to the already chaotic world we have.

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    Chia Hak Thye 3 weeks

    How could such a poorly educated woman obtained a PhD degree? What value has that PhD?

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    Parimalah 3 weeks

    Instead of focusing on national issues, like infrastructure, clean water and such, she has troubled herself on racial issues.Thats what we get from inexperienced leaders.Always finding ways to demean or slander dedicated leaders.I salute DAP leaders and Lee Kuan Yew,steadfast,honest and upright.All those MPs who are involved in restoring our country to glory again,thank you.Jai Malaysia.

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    Leo 3 weeks

    One of the major criteria of writing a PhD thesis is that the research methodology should be sound, appropriate for the research question, and applied correctly. My mind boggles as to how she can be behaving the way she is behaving. Shes not demonstrating the intellect befitting that of a person with Doctorate.

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    A Ph.D. degree is an academic credential that signifies a significant level of expertise and contribution to a specific field of study. It is awarded based on rigorous academic research and analysis, typically culminating in a dissertation that is evaluated by a panel of experts. Importantly, the validity of a Ph.D. degree is intrinsically linked to the academic work and research conducted within the scope of the Ph.D. program. Therefore, it cannot be retracted based on statements or actions that are unrelated to the academic content of the Ph.D. work. Statements made in personal or legal contexts, such as unverified claims in a court or remarks in personal disputes, do not have a bearing on the academic merit of the doctoral research. The integrity and value of a Ph.D. degree rest on the academic process and the scholarly contribution it represents, not on the personal conduct or statements made by the degree holder in unrelated situations.

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      Ismail bin Ebrahim dan Kulsoom 1 week

      This is correct. PhD is awarded for the research and scholastic work within the timeframe of the course. If you turn out to be a mean, liar who makes truly idiotic political statements it has nothing to do with the PhD. I have a Phd, and it does not mean I am a friendly, honest and ethical person. 

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