Perikatan Nasional’s selective amnesia and the Palestinian cause

Perikatan Nasional’s selective amnesia and the Palestinian cause

Perikatan Nasional’s hypocrisy in championing the Palestinian cause was exposed on October 26 when Foreign Minister Senator Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir revealed that Malaysia cannot directly file a case against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Criminal Court at The Hague in Netherlands since Malaysia is not a signatory to the Rome Statute.

Rome Statute is one of the main statutes that must be agreed upon by United Nations member states before it is admitted as a member of ICC.

They, Pas especially, have been somewhat adamant and bullish in wanting Malaysia to file a case against Netanyahu while suffering from selective amnesia.

Pas and its cohorts were among the main stakeholders who opposed the signing of the Rome Statute that led the Pakatan Harapan government under then prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to withdraw from the Rome Statute after signing this important document in 2019.

To support their stand, they claimed that the position of the Malay Rulers would be at jeopardy if Malaysia signed.

Only God knows why they failed to conduct their own research on the subject matter before taking a stance on the matter.

Had they done so, they would have learnt that one can accede to international treaties and statutes with reservations.

Even former Bersatu leader Ulya Aqamah Husamudin have confirmed this via a X message on 26 Oct.

As a result of their folly, Malaysia was not able to push the Palestinian cause in the ICC. Thank goodness there were Western nations who filed the case on behalf of the Palestinians.

Pas with multiple personality disorder

The Palestinian cause in the hands of PN would be treated similar to how PN rides Islam for their political survival.

Another episode displayed by Pas on Oct 26 was their reaction to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that some European countries are threatening him over Malaysia’s pro-Palestinian stance.

While Ahmad Fadhli Shaari (PN-Pasir Mas) was all gungho demanding for the names of the European nations to be revealed, his party secretary general, Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hasan (PN-Kota Bharu) claimed, in a press statement, that Anwar’s statement is an “alarmist statement, strange and a joke.”

What this shows to us, is the leaders of a faith riding party is definitely a communication breakdown among its leaders. Hence one leader says one thing and another would say something that is totally contradictory to the initial statement.

Had Pas been a human being, it would have been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

It would be best for Pas to be rested in the next general election since it is suffering from several diseases that needs proper treatment over a period of time.

As for the voters of Pas and PN, they have time until the 16th general election to ponder their fate since they gambled their future on a party that has a moon as part of its logo without a vision.


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