Sanusi The Flintstones who doesn’t understand Islam in constitution

AMANAH secretary general Faiz Fadzil described Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor akin to a cartoon series that was produced in the 1960s – The Flintstones.

“Sanusi is like the cartoon, The Flintstones who lived in the Stone Age. He does not understand the position of Islamic law in our constitution,” said Faiz when contacted by Harapan Daily.

“No one is against the Islamic law here. In fact Malaysia is one of the few countries which has clear provisions of Islamic law in the federal constitution,” he who is also a practising lawyer said.

He said this in response to claims by Sanusi that some are raised as cattle to create a clash with those in the shariah law system.

“There are plans, continuous efforts to change (legal) interpretations and positions of both sets of laws,” Sanusi added.

Sanusi made the above remark in light of the Federal Court judgment that ruled that 16 provisions in the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Enactments (I) 2001 as unconstitutional.

The judgment was made in light of a case filed by lawyer Nik Elin Zurina Nik Abdul Rashid and her daughter against the Kelantan state government.

Faiz added that the draftsmen of Malaysia’s constitution gave their due recognition to Islamic law.

Islamic criminal laws

He also explained the Islamic criminal laws.

“Islamic law in Malaysia is subject to provisions in our constitution. There are three types of Islamic criminal laws – hudud, qisas and ta’zir. Only the laws of takzir is implemented by the government.”

Hudud refers to punishments for specific offences that is mandated in the Quran.

Qisas is an Islamic law that emphasises the concept of an eye for an eye.

Takzir refers to punishment meted out and the severity is not stated in the Quran and hadith.

He also explained that the one cannot enact laws at the state level when relevant laws already exist at the federal level and vice versa.

“Laws on land and water, for instance, is under the state.”

On that note he also said that laws against adultery, alcohol consumption, gambling remains under the shariah laws.

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