Pas in limbo over Hadi

The absence of statements from Pas members regarding their president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang’s insolence against Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah indicates that Pas is unsure over their next move.

“Until now nobody in PAS issued a statement in support of Hadi Awang, and nobody also issue any statement in support of the sultan, so they don’t know what to do now.

“So this is a problem with Pas member when they are in limbo, they don’t know whether to support Hadi Awang or the sultan” said Amanah legal bureau head Dr Zulqarnain Lukman.

“When Hadi said sultan has no vision for the hereafter, I think it hurt and insulted the sultan to the point that His Royal Highness issued such a hard hitting statement against Hadi,” he said.

Zulqarnain noted that the sultan rarely mentioned any individual politicians but this time around, that was not the case. The Selangor Ruler mentioned Hadi’s name outirght because he was deeply hurt.

The AMANAH leader was commenting on the latest episode that began with Hadi telling off the Rulers to prioritise a vision for the afterlife instead of the worldly affairs in response to the monarch’s stand of upholding the democratic institutions.

The ruler then delivered a royal rebuke against Hadi.

The royal rebuke resulted Pakatan Harapan state assemblymen to question Pas lawmakers in the Selangor state assembly.