China appreciates Anwar’s stance against China-phobia

China appreciates the stance taken by Prime Minsiter Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in view of the China-phobia among US and its allies.

Minister at the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia Zheng Xuefang said Anwar’s remarks reflected the wish of developing world in pursuing independence and development.

“We note with appreciation the remarks by Prime Minister Anwar recently, which decried the ‘China-phobia’ among US and western allies and upheld Malaysia-China friendship.

“The development of China is an opportunity for the world rather than a threat to anyone,” he said.

Anwar who was approached by the media stood by his stand Malaysia is fiercely independent in terms of deciding its trading partners.

“We are fiercely independent. We do not want to be dictated by any force while we remain to be an important friend to the US and Australia.

“They should not preclude us from being friendly to one of our important neighbours. Precisely China, that was the context,” Anwar said while responding to the questions from the Australian media.

Prior to that he had taken a similar stand in an interview with Financial Times.

On another note, Zheng said China would support Malaysia to play a greater role in Asean and and international affairs.

Malaysia would become Asean chairman in 2025. It will also take up the position of Asean -China coordinator in July.