DIY washing machine life hack by dad goes viral

A Malaysian dad’s solution of a life hack has gone viral on TikTok.

Malaysian coach Dave Thomas posted a video on his TikTok page showcasing a cleaning hack for his child’s school uniform.

With only one garment to wash, he ingeniously devised a DIY washing machine.

With a common red lid container and detergent at hand, Dave inserted his child’s white shirt, sealing it tightly.

Demonstrating the method, he rocked the container side to side and in circles, creating his own washing machine on the fly.

Dave pulled out the garment and rinsed it under the tap after a couple of spins. Dave smiled with satisfaction after verifying that the shirt was clean by sniffing it as seen in the video.

“When we only have one child, we use a DIY washing machine,” he said in a video.

Coach Dave’s clever “washing machine” garnered widespread praise online, with many impressed by its simplicity and practicality.

Some humorously dubbed it the epitome of “hand wash” humorously, reflecting on its manual operation.

“Oh, this is the real manual way brother. If the dirt is stubborn, you need to double up the hand strength,” jokingly added one TikTok user who goes by the name Lina Ibrahim.

“Woah… outside the box thinking, man. I’ve never thought of it like that,” said a TikTok user whose account name is LA MIRA.

“Genius move, saving water and electricity,” said a TikTok user by the name Zuraida.Zue.

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