Risk missing opportunities by not registering on PADU

Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli urged non – Malays to register on PADU as their numbers are low or risk missing opportunities for assistance.

“Data from PADU shows that areas with a high population of non-Malays have the highest risk of government program underutilization.

“Even in my own area, many non-Malay community members are unaware of the assistance or programs available to them.

“Previously, the approach was for those in need to apply to relevant government agencies, ” he said on X.

“It’s our collective responsibility to bridge this registration gap and assist as many eligible individuals as possible, “he said.

Rafizi revealed that, previously, individuals in need had to apply directly to government agencies for assistance.

However, the establishment of PADU has empowered these agencies to proactively identify those in need and tailor programs accordingly, and through PADU, aims to identify and develop programs to assist those in need effectively.

On March 18, he posted on X that PADU registration would end in 13 days and after 31 March, the government will use updated administrative data from the government department’s updated database for programs, including subsidises retargeting.

“If you do not update your data before March 31, 2024, the existing data in the government database will determine your eligibility to participate in government programs and assistance. Regretting now is a lesson, regretting later is useless,” he wrote in X post.

PADU serves as a platform consolidating personal data of Malaysians aged 18 and above, including household details.

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