RM44.1 million for Chinese schools, RM18.15 million for Tamil schools

A total of RM44.1 million have been allocated to 882 government aided Chinese primary schools and RM18.15 million have been allocated for government aided Tamil primary schools this year, Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek told.

“The amount is part of an allocation amounting to RM900 million which was approved for the maintenance of non – movable assets such as building, land and infrastructure of all schools and education institutions of the Education Ministry,” she explained.

She said this in a written reply to Chong Zhemin (PH-Kampar) who asked for the total allocation given to government aided Chinese and Tamil schools this year.

Fadhlina explained that the maintenance assistance to all government aided schools are channelled on needs based and would depend on several factors that would include the government’s current financial standing.

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