Worked for two days and quit, employee demanded salary

An employee worked only two days before quitting and demanded pay for two days’ work, deeming the job unsuitable.

The employer shared screenshots of their Whatsapp conversation on a Xiaohongshu account named “出生在星期天的Sundayz” questioned why the other party wasn’t afraid of losing face.

The post revealed that the employee not only quit after two days but he sent his resignation message at 7:32 am, despite the work starting at 11:00 am.

“Work starts at 11 am, but at 7:32 am, he told me he is quitting, but the point is that he only works for two days, and he has the nerve to argue about pay with me, You really take the cake,” the employer said.

The employee, claiming the company he worked for before has a different number of days off compared to the current company he is in, which is the reason he quit.

The employer, however, insisted on their policy of requiring a full week’s work before issuing payment and reminded him that resignation requires a 3-day advance notice. He added that the matter has been discussed with other shareholders.

The employee argued that previous employers he worked for paid him for day work and offered to discuss the matter with the shareholders.

“No problem. If any shareholder believes that payment is contingent on completing one week of work, please provide me with their contact information. I will reach out to them or arrange a meeting,” the employee said.

Opinion split among the netizens with some on the employee side and some on the employer side.

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