Real life ninja or Naruto fan?

In a daring feat reminiscent of a ninja, a primary school kid bravely leapt from a moving school van window, landing gracefully before nonchalantly entering school.

A TikTok user, @bahrin58 shared the jaw-dropping video, complete with the “Naruto” theme song.

Naruto is a famous Japanese manga based on ninjas. It was created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Witnesses were left in awe as the bus, cruising at the slow speed of 10 to 20 kilometres per hour, continued its journey.

Many netizens expressed concern for the driver, worrying legal responsibility the driver might bear should any unfortunate incident happen.

“Too much ninja cartoon,” said TikTok user minanoto.

“Not enough door to exit,” said TikTok user mis8807.

“Hem, if something happens, the driver is the to be blamed, just impatient,” one TikTok user, Nur Aina said.

“Should anything happen, the one who drove the school bus is the one to be penalised,” TikTok user penternakmuda2021 said.

“When something happens, it’s the driver who gets penalized,” one TikTok user Mazaki Harun said.

“Can’t blame the driver… maybe didn’t see the kid sneaking out through the window,” TikTok user inaburgertcj said.

As of now, the TikTok post has garnered 56.2k views and 1595 comments.

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