Namewee launches ‘When I’m Gone’ at 4.44pm today

Local rapper and filmmaker Namewee’s newest music video ‘When I’m Gone’ is scheduled for launch today at 4.44pm. It sparked heated debate before its release.

On April Fool’s Day, Namewee shocked fans with a social media post announcing his death, followed by details of his farewell ceremony.

The news spread rapidly, sparking confusion and concern among followers.

It turned out to be just a publicity stunt for his latest music video.

“We are about to launch a pre-funeral farewell documentary, and the latest music video When I’m Gone will also premiere on April 4, 2024, at 4:44 pm (444444),” he wrote in a Facebook post on 2 April, after he holds farewell ceremony for himself at Nirvana Center KL on April Fool’s Day.

The date April 4, 2024, has significance in Chinese culture.

Number 4 is often considered unlucky and is often associated with death. That is why many Chinese people avoid using the number 4. Instead they replace it with the number “3A”.

Some netizens supported Namewee’s publicity stunt for his video while others criticised him.

The song lyrics, translated in English are as the following:

Song When I’m Gone (当我离开后)

Wiping away tears while waving to my beloved family and friends, though this scene may be heavy, let’s not dwell on it. Let’s time move forward.

I’ve heard there’s no more pain over there, perhaps true liberation awaits.

Seeking freedom, flying high, and journeying far to answer the call of romantic transcendence that seems far away.

Upon departure, I leave with nought in hand. There’s no need for you to grieve for me, nor is there a need for elaborate mourning ceremonies.

Looking up at the sky, the stars seemed to fall by the second, they disappeared quickly as though they were never there.

The world keeps turning, life goes on with each sunrise and sunset. No one will wait for anyone; I’m grateful to have at least journeyed here.

There may be some reluctance, and regrets linger in my heart after I depart and move away from your warmth.

Perhaps, years later, someone will remember me, and read about the freedom I yearned for, as they flip through the songs I’ve sung.

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Namewee’s stunt was for ‘When I’m Gone’