Video of women relieving herself at a car park goes viral

Recently a video shared by a Facebook user known as Chen Xiao Jie (name transliterated) depicts a woman caught urinating at a car park went viral.

Before urinating, she opens the front and back door of a car to provide cover.

“Ma’am are you serious???

“Urinating and defecating in public places. Next door is a restaurant, with a row of shops.

“Why can’t use their restroom? OMG,” he wrote on a Facebook post.

In the post, Chen revealed that that particular spot the woman chose to urinate has a CCTV right above it.

“By the way, maybe you don’t know, there’s a CCTV right above you. I won’t blur the license plate. Please inform your children when they see it.”

After relieving herself, she used water and tissue to clean herself but neglected to dispose of the used tissues properly.

In the short video, it can be seen that the woman drove away quickly afterwards without a care as if nothing had happened.

Many netizens were appalled and disgusted by the act.

“Please don’t embarrass yourself like that, okay?” A Facebook user Fatt Lum said.

“One of the scoundrels, destroying the environment,” a Facebook user Qin Jiaxin (name transliterated)

“Disgustingly (she) stepped on the car again,” Facebook user named Mei Ling.

Chen admitted that the video had been edited, but not maliciously.

“Only the important parts of the CCTV footage have been clipped to speed up the process,” he said.

As of now the video has been garnered more than 2 thousand views with 269 comments.

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