Port Dickson mussels still unsafe

Negeri Sembilan Agriculture, Food Security and Cost of Living committee Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias revealed that mussels in Port Dickson water are still not safe to eat.

Jalaluddin claimed there are still traces of dangerous biotoxins in them and based on the latest lab analysis, the mussels were contaminated by the prorocentrum, alexandrium and pseudonitzschia algae species.

“The latest findings reveal that the mussels are still contaminated.

“As such, the rule prohibiting the harvesting of mussels and other bivalves in the PD area is still in force,” he said in a statement reported by The Star.

The Fisheries Department imposed a ban on harvesting and selling mussels in Port Dickson on 4 April.

The reason?

Lab tests show biotoxins are present in mussels found near Port Dickson’s water.

Turns out several people were hospitalised from consuming contaminated mussels, and authorities advised refraining from eating mussels, lokan, and lala from resort town waters for three weeks.

However fish, squid crabs and other marine produce are free to eat, according to the department.

“We also hope the public would report to the authorities if they see a change in the colour of seawater,” he said, claiming the Fisheries Department will continue to carry out analyses of mussels found in Port Dickson waters.

He later added that the next result would be known on April 26.The department warns that sudden changes in color of the sea could indicate hazardous algae.

Initial investigations shows that unprecedented heatwave has caused the algae to drastically increase.

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