Dogs saved from cruelty and neglect

An Instagram post by My Forever Doggo revealed a man who owned 35 dogs was subjecting to them to cruel treatments.

My Forever Doggo is a online platform that is dedicated to promoting kindness and the adoption of dogs in Malaysia.Attached to the Instagram post was a video that showed the dogs were left to do their business everywhere in a small apartment, and some were even squeezed into tiny cages.

This led to many of them getting sick or developing skin problems.

Turned out last month, an independent rescue team led by dog rescuer Shima Aris responded to a distressing call for help involving the 35 dogs that were kept in 1 PPR flat.

Apparently, the owner of the dogs realised he couldn’t handle the dogs anymore due to financial and physical reasons and reached out to dog rescue team for help.

The post didn’t specify the exact location of the PPR flat, it is believed the flat to be somewhere in Klang Valley.

However upon arrival at the designated location, the dog rescue team was shocked to find nearly 35 dogs crammed in cages, the house filled with excrement, and the dogs clearly suffering from illness.

According to the post, the rescue team has managed to rescue 17 Poodles so far, however several of them face significant health challenges that require medical attention.

One even died.

“3 male dogs have Hypospadia, a birth defect as a result of inbreeding (shown in video),

“3 dogs tested positive for Parvovirus, a highly contagious disease that is potentially fatal.

“Tragically, 1 dog has passed while being treated.

“2 dogs have crooked hind legs, with one scheduled for surgery after his parvovirus-induced isolation period.

“6 male dogs have been diagnosed with Cryptorchids (undescended testicle),” the online platform’s Instagram post said.

The remaining 2 female dogs have recently given birth according to myforeverdoggo Instagram post.

One of them unfortunately lost all her babies, while the other lost one baby, and is nursing her remaining 3.

The online platform eagerly hopes the public will lend a hand by either adopting or volunteering their homes as foster caregivers for one or more dogs.

Alternatively, interested individuals may reach out to the group.

“If you cannot adopt or foster but would like to help in any other manner, you may reach out directly to @shimaaris,” My Forever Doggo Instagram post said.

@shimaaris is an Instagram account owned by dog rescuer Shima Aris.

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