Traveler’s terrifying encounter at airport

A female tourist from China arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport encountered three scammers within three hours.

In a video posted on “Xiaohongshu,” the woman recounted encounters with three scammers who approached her with the intention of deceiving her into giving them money.

She first encountered a scammer after she withdrew money from an ATM, claiming that she felt someone was watching her. 

She met the other two scammers after she ate her meal and was just walking around. 

In the video, she revealed the tricks used by the scammers. 

They would first ask her with a friendly smile whether she is Chinese or Malaysian Chinese. 

They then would proceed to ask for money under various pretexts, claiming they needed funds for expenses, transportation, or because they had lost all their money gambling.

“I’m from Shanghai XX company, waiting here for a pick-up, but the client is delayed. They’re bringing a large sum of cash tomorrow, but I’m out of money now. Could you please treat me to a meal? Don’t worry, I’ll treat you tomorrow,” the first scammer said according to the woman tourist from China. 

She revealed that the other two scammers also used similar lines and all of them claimed to be from Shanghai.

One even tried to guilt trip her, he initially asked for 400 Malaysian Ringgit, then casually dropped his request to 200 Ringgit after she said it was too expensive. 

“Young lady, you can’t just watch someone die without helping,” one of the scammers said. 

In the video, she cautions others to be careful.

The video shared by the tourist has sparked a wider conversation about airport safety and vigilance.

Most netizens underscore the need for travellers to stay alert to such scams and learn how to steer clear of them.

As of now, the video has garnered 751 likes and 844 comments.

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