Why are outdated Nuri helicopters still used?

Perlis Menteri Besar Shukri Ramli’s son’s arrest by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission for allegedly falsifying documents and falsely declaring RM600,000 in repair, maintenance, supply, and service fees is the headlines in four Chinese dailies – Kwong Wah Daily, Sin Chew Daily, Guang Ming Daily and China Press Daily. They are detained until today.

Nanyang Daily led with Universiti Malaya’s senior economics lecturer Dr Goh Lim Thyeclaiming Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership would stabilise Malaysia’s economy amid escalating geopolitical tensions, ensuring steady trade and investment flows.


Nanyang Daily suggested measures that the government should take to strengthen Malaysia’s jewellery industry through educational policies.

Additionally, it can promote industry growth by providing financial support and tax incentives. Encouraging enterprise investment and expansion through tax breaks can also foster industry development.

Furthermore, the government can regulate and guide the industry’s growth through appropriate laws, regulations, and policies.

It also said that that the government has. vital role in enhancing jewellery designing and industry competitiveness.Education, funding, and regulations fosters industry growth and contributes to economic prosperity.

Sin Chew Daily Zooming on the helicopter collision that claimed 10 lives, the daily questioned the continuous use of outdated use of helicopters by the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Since 2016, Malaysia has experienced 11 military aircraft crashes, resulting in 14 fatalities and injuries to 34 individuals, as of April 23rd.

Between 1968 and 2007, Malaysia’s Air Force lost 18 Nuri helicopters, resulting in 95 fatalities.

The Nuri helicopters remain operational for the past 56 years.Initial phase out plans that was initially for 40 years of use have been extended by another 20 years.

The daily hopes that the ongoing investigation would result in increased accountability and improvement that will prevent unnecessary sacrifices.

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