Malaysia – Thailand border security tightened

Police have tightened the Malaysia-Thailand border security following a bomb explosion and gunfire believed to have occurred in the Gualosira area, Pasemas District, Sungai Golok, Narathiwat Province, early this morning.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain said in response to the incident, the police will also collaborate with the Thai authorities.

“The safety of residents residing near the border area must be prioritised, including the safety of our police personnel on duty in the area,” he said, Bernama reported.

Razarudin said all state police chiefs, especially those from Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, and Perak, have also been instructed to be on high alert regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Southeast Brigade of the General Operations Force (GOF), SAC Sheik Azhar Sheik Omar, said his team is on standby, including conducting foot and motorcycle patrols along the 16 static posts near the border area.

“We believe that the incident occurred on the Thailand side near the Rantau Panjang border area.

“We have 16 static posts along Sungai Golok starting from Pos Ibrahim Pencen to Pos Ular in Pengkalan Kubor, Tumpat,” he said, adding that roadblocks have also been mounted since 6 am with six members operating continuously.

Earlier, a video clip related to the incident went viral after it was uploaded by local residents on Facebook and TikTok.

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