Acquire diverse skills and knowledge, youth told

Human Resources Minister Steven Sim urged youth to acquire diverse skills for success in the globalised era, as flexible working hours become widespread.

He emphasised that employers have the option to hire remote workers or consider foreign employees with the possibility of lower wages, who may not require physical presence in the office.

He also said that the Sections 60P and 60Q of the Employment Act 1955 (Amendment) 2022 ensures flexible work hours.

This act allowed employees to request adjustments in their work arrangements, including changes to hours, days, and location, governed by legal or contractual terms according to Steven Sim.

“The Human Resources Ministry, with the new branding and 3K commitment – Kebajikan (welfare), Kemahiran (skills), Keberhasilan Pekerja (productivity) – acknowledges the different perspective of youth that salaries are no longer the main attraction, but flexible working arrangements have become one of the most important criteria for job selection,” Steven Sim said at the Luncheon Talk – Human Resource Policy from Youth Perspective held recently in conjunction with the Labour Day celebration, reported The Star.

A total of 120 participants including Student Volunteer Foundation alumni, Malaysian Youth Council reps, and university students attended the event.

Feedback gathered at the event highlighted challenges, with the majority expressing concerns about gig economy challenges, skill gaps in higher education, job mismatches and labour market issues.

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