RM75 million solves 26-year estate workers housing issue

Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming resolved a 26-year-old problem that plagued Selangor estate workers of five estates.

Today the government unveiled a comprehensive RM75 million aid package dedicated to fund the construction of People’s Housing Projects (PPR), to alleviate housing issues faced by 245 estate workers in Bestari Jaya.

“Thanks to the estate workers in Selangor who provided the opportunity to me and cooperated with me to resolve the housing issue involving 245 estate worker families. 

“Grateful that this 26-year-old problem has now been successfully resolved by the government led by the Honorable Prime Minister @anwaribrahim,” Nga said on X.

According to Nga, the estate workers in Bestari Jaya were left homeless after being evicted from five estates in 2016.

The five estates were Ladang Mary, Ladang Nigel Gardner, Ladang Sungai Tinggi, Ladang Minyak and Ladang Bukit Tagar.

The situation began in 1998 when the workers initially moved to the estates, and it has persisted for 26 years since then, reported News Straits Times. 

On 3 May, former Klang MP Charles Santiago wrote on the X platform that the longstanding housing issues in Bukit Tagar and Ladang Nigel Gardner remain unresolved. 

In response, on the very same day, Nga assured Santiago via X that they were actively pursuing a mutually beneficial solution.

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