Epf i-Akaun down

Many people were unable to complete transactions on the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) flexi account due to ongoing maintenance being conducted on their i-Akaun system.

Today the EPF unveils the third account, dubbed the Flexi Account, however the option to transfer initial funds to Account 3 will commence on May 12th.

So it came to surprise that when eager EPF members clicked on the i-Akaun application at 10:50 AM, a notification on the page indicated that system upgrades were underway and they were urged to try again later.

“We are currently undergoing system update maintenance and will be back up shortly. Please try again later. 

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused,” the message said. 

EPF had said before that members can move their savings to start the Flexi Account using either the i-Akaun or Self-Service Terminals (SST) at branch offices, reported China Press. 

Epf stress approved withdrawal cannot be undone hence members are advised to think carefully before requesting withdrawals from the Third Account.

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