What did PN offer Kuala Kubu Baharu?

A former minister pointed that Perikatan Nasional lost the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election severely because it had nothing to offer.

“Muhiyuddin constantly talked about his considerable achievements as a national leader, but that’s in the past. What does he have to offer for the future? Nothing. It’s time he steps down,” said former law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim on X in reference to Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Bersatu has not been focusing enough to show it is a party of the future. They offer nothing new except bringing a patchwork of political alliances in the form of lifeless Gerakan and the new Indian party,” he said.

He was referring to Malaysian Indian People’s Party.

He also took Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang to task for fear mongering.

“Hadi only talks of the fear of DAP, of what happened to the Malays in Singapore. The scare tactics no longer work. It’s time he steps down

“The Malays in Malaya are now looking for leaders who can help them find a place in the sun, not reminisce. In the absence of that, the Malays always resort to voting for the govt of the day. At least they may get a salary increase and a Raya bonus.”

Change leadership in Pas

In addition to that, Zaid who was previously in Umno, PKR and DAP also called for a change of leadership in Pas.

“It’s time the ulamas step aside. Give the younger set a chance to revitalise the party. Offer the people something new. An Islamic economic model is more suited to help the poorer segment of our country.

“Pas under ulamas has failed to capitalise on Islam as a social and economic catalyst. Pas has not been able to offer an economic master plan that can win votes. They should stop behaving like a cult movement with stale messages and instead become a dynamic political party that understands the needs of the voters.

In the by-election that was held yesterday, DAP’s Pang Sock Tao of Pakatan Harapan trounced Bersatu’s Khairul Azhari Saut of PN banner with a majority of 3,869 votes in a four cornered fight to retain the semi-urban mixed constituency of Kuala Kubu Baharu.

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