JI isn’t involved in Ulu Tiram

Jemaah Islamiyah co-founder Abu Bakar Bashir who is based in Indonesia has denied the involvement of his group in the recent attack on the Ulu Tiram police station.

In a video sent to a news portal, Abu Bakar was clearly shocked to hear of the incident. He also condemned the attack that is against the principles of Islam.

“I condemn the act of the young man murdering two policemen in Malaysia. Murdering is not taught by Islam.

“In Islam, under the present condition, it is sufficient to defend the faith with propagation and prayer, not murdering and bombing,” he is quoted as saying in the video.

“I am certainly not involved with that incident and I have no connection whatsoever (with the assailant). Whoever accuses me of this are lying and I want them to prove it in front of God.

“Don’t just make allegations. I don’t know about it and after hearing about the incident, I was shocked,” he said, Berita Harian reported yesterday.

Two constables died in the attack and the assailant was shot dead in the incident that happened last Friday.

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