SIA halts meal service during turbulence

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will halt meal service and suspended hot drink serving when seat belt signs are on, the airline cited a new and more cautious approach to turbulence management.

During a flight from London to Singapore on Tuesday, the aircraft encountered severe turbulence over Myanmar, prompting an emergency diversion to Bangkok. 

Tragically, one person lost their life, and many others sustained injuries, with some in critical condition.

“In addition to the suspension of hot beverage service when the seat belt sign is on, the meal service will also be suspended,” said SIA reported CNA. 

“Crew members will also continue to advise passengers to return to their seats and secure their seat belts. They will also monitor customers who may require assistance, including those in the lavatories,” added SIA. 

The airline stated that the current practice of crew members securing all loose items and equipment in the cabin during bad weather will remain in place.

SIA further added that crew members will also be required to return to their seats and fasten their seat belts when the seat belt sign is activated.

“Pilots and cabin crew are aware of the hazards associated with turbulence. They are also trained to assist customers and ensure cabin safety throughout the flight,” said SIA.

The airline stated that they will continue to review their processes, emphasizing that the safety of passengers and crew remains their top priority.

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