Act against Moroccan influencer now, police told

A human rights group, Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF) wants immediate police action against Moroccan influencer Abdellatif Ouisa who is known on TikTok as @AbdeenTube.

“There is no time for the police to do their 14 days of investigations to call him in for questioning. It will be too late by then as he would have left Malaysia.

“I am told he is planning to leave the country tomorrow,” GHRF head S Shashi said, reported The Malaysian Insight.

Shashi said that if police were unable to complete their investigations on time, the government should then just ban Abdellatif from entering Malaysia again.

“He is a threat to our national unity. The police have to view it seriously and take action urgently,” he said.

“He showed no respect to our laws and our people. What are his aims in reciting the Quranic verses before a Hindu deity and Buddha statue? He is here just to cause trouble and to mock our religion.

“If the police want, they can arrest him immediately. No need to wait to complete their investigations. After all, they have done this before when someone insults Islam. Why not act in a quick manner against this Moroccan influencer as well?” said Shashi.

“And the government must ban him from coming back to Malaysia if his intention is only to cause trouble and mock other religions,” he added.

Shashi is disappointed with Batu Caves temple management for not issuing any statements or lodging police reports against Abdellatif’s actions.

Abdellatif had come under the spotlight for reciting verses from the Quran that called for the destruction of idolatry practices at the Batu Caves Hindu temple. He posted the videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Following that a police report was lodged against Abdellatif last night.

Minister in Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Mohd Naim Mokhtar condemned Abdellatif’s action whereas Bangi MP Syahredzan Johan of the DAP called upon the authorities to blacklist the Moroccan from entering Malaysia.

In a related development Abdellatif posted a clip to apologise for his action. He also claimed ignorance.

“As a Muslim, I spread love as stated in Quran. I had no intention to hurt anyone.

“Believe me, I didn’t even know that it (the Lord Muruga sculpture) was a god for the Hindus. I thought it was a historic point where as a tourist I can record my content.

“I apologize if I had upset anyone,” he said.

He said that he was under the impression he could create content for his video at Batu Caves.

“I thought every tourist can make content there,” he added.