Ban people like Abdellatif, Saifuddin

Global Human Rights Federation chairman S Shashi Kumar urged Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail to ban people like Moroccan influencer Abdellatif Ouisa from entering Malaysia.

“If the unity government is serious about combating on 3R issues and do not condone on such acts of insults against race and religion, than the Home Minister should act on banning
Abdellatif Ouisa as to be lesson to the rest who has such ill intentions to do the same, he said in a statement.

He also said that Malaysia should emulate Singapore in banning divisive preachers.

“Such similar incidents happened in our neighbouring country Singapore, where Ismail Menk a Zimbabwean preacher, American Muslim preacher Yusuf Estes and Malaysian Haslin Baharim were banned from entering Singapore due to their hardline and divisive teachings. Home Affairs and Law minister K. Shanmugam said that, it was “unacceptable” and “contrary” to the values of Singapore’s multiracial and multi-religious society.”

Moroccan influencer Abdellatif Ouisa who has been under the spotlight for reciting verses from the Quran, that called for the destruction of idolatry practice, at Batu Caves Hindu temple and the Chin Swee Temple Caves in Genting Highlands.

His actions results in police reports lodged against him. Minister in Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Naim Mokhtar condemned Abdellatif’s actions.

Bangi MP Syahredzan Johan called upon the Immigration Department to blacklist the influencer.

The Moroccan has since apologised.

Shashi added that Abdellatif’s apology was lame.

He also questioned whether the authorities would also react similarly if a non-Muslim pulled a stunt like Abdellatif in front of a mosque.

“As a tourist and a visitor, visiting Malaysia, he has showed no respect to our laws and people as we are living in a multiracial society. What was his intentions in reciting the Quranic verses at the non Muslim place of worship. It was a clear intention as to insult and mock non Islamic religions.

“Yesterday, Abdellatif on his TikTok apologised and claimed “it was not his intention to hurt anyone with his content made in Batu Caves as and he didn’t know that (Lord Muruga statue) was a god for the Hindus but thinking Batu Caves is a history point and as a tourist or every tourist can make content there”. This is a very lame and unacceptable excuse given by Abdellatif.

“Let me ask this, if a non-Muslim has uttered such religious recitation content in front of a mosque and later apologise, do you think it will be let go by just offering an apology?”

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