Nurhidayah willing to battle it out again in Sungai Bakap

Penang PKR Wanita chief Nurhidayah Che Rose, 33, who was defeated in Sungai Bakap during the state polls last year is ready to battle it out again.

“God willing, I am ready to contest again to represent Harapan-BN if given the opportunity. It will be my chance to make up for my narrow defeat in last year’s state election.

“However, the leadership will determine the candidate. I’ll leave it to the party and PKR president (Anwar Ibrahim),” she said, Malaysiakini reported.

Her confidence is also based on the fact that the seat is allocated for Pakatan Harapan’s female candidates.

Nurhidayah was defeated by Pas’ Nor Zamri Latiff by a mere 1,563 vote majority.

Speaking about her defeat last year, she said that the party machinery needs to focus on winning over the confidence of young voters.

“If given another chance, I will redouble my efforts and work harder than before, especially in building up the trust of young people.

“In addition, I am confident that the continuous work at the state assembly and Nibong Tebal parliament level after Harapan-BN took power will add value to seize the seat from the opposition.

“At the Parliament and state assembly level, a lot of attention is given to solving the problems of the people here, especially involving the water supply,” she said.

Sungai Bakap is the sole seat held by Perikatan Nasional in the Nibong Tebal parliament constituency.

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