TikTok account holder insults Hinduism

A TikTok account has been found to be insulting Hinduism in Malaysia.

The account is believed to be held by one Abdul Sathar Nagarath.

The account can be accessed by searching for @abdulsahtarnagarath.

The information on the account indicates that the account holder is a restaurant owner in Seri Manjung, Perak. A landline and a handphone number is included.

The individual has posted three offensive videos that features the images of Hindu deities with the audio of Muslim prayer yesterday.

One featured Lord Hanuman, the second featured the golden Muruga of Batu Caves Hindu temple and the third featured Goddess Kali and religious leader the late Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Offensive words were included in all three videos.

In the first video, it had the Malay word Patung Monyet, the second – Murugan Bodoo and the third condemned Hindus as p**** who pray to stones and claimed that the stones prayed to Satan.

All three videos were posted yesterday.

Prior to Abdul Sathar, Moroccan influencer Abdellatif Ouisa had offended the Hindus by reciting Quranic verses that called for idol demolition at the Batu Caves Hindu temple complex.

Police reports were lodged against Abdellatif and he has since apologised.

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