Government must act against banks for the scams too

Action must be taken to stop scammers and losses from escalating from 2023’s record RM 1.3 billion loss to a higher level, said DAP National Lim Guan Eng.

“The government should also make banks that are negligent or indifferent to fraudulent schemes by scammers share responsibility for losses suffered by scam victims,” Lim said via a statement.

The latest victim of scams is Malaysia mixed doubles Lai Pei Jing.

Lim also said that there should be a “shared responsibility framework” that would allocate responsibility for scam losses among financial institutions, telecommunications operators and consumers.

“Under the plan, financial institutions and telcos would provide payouts to scam victims for a defined set of scams, in cases where specified anti-scam duties are breached.

“I have broached this idea with Deputy Minister of Law M. Kulasegaran who indicated that the necessary amendments may be tabled in the coming Parliamentary session in June-July 2024” Lim said.

Lim pointed out that the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) should personally lead a special task force against scammers that have cost huge losses to individual victims of more than RM 1.3 billion in 2023.

“Despite efforts by the police to prevent scams, action against scammers have proven ineffective with losses from scams increasing from RM 700 million in 2021 to RM 1.3 billion from 30,000 cases of online fraud last year,” he said.

“Action must be taken to stop scammers and losses from escalating from 2023’s record RM 1.3 billion loss to a higher level. Only the personal and direct involvement of the IGP can prevent more innocent Malaysians from falling victim to these heartless scammer criminals,” he also said.

Lim added that Malaysians are sad and sympathiesed with Lai.

“Lee lost most of her savings to a fraud, and is clearly distressed emotionally after decades of hard work disappearing from heartless scammers taking advantage of her kindness,” he said.

“I hope to prevent more victims and also force myself to accept the fact that I was scammed,” Lee Pei Jing bravely said.

“Let us hope that more Malaysians can be careful and not fall victim to scams as well as the authorities, including the police and bank, work together in concert to prevent major scams,” Lim said.

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