Malay Muslim kid consumes siew yoke by accident

A Malay Muslim kid ended up consuming siew yoke due to a mix up by the food delivery service provider, Foodpanda.

Siew yoke is crispy pork belly and it is a popular Chinese dish made from seasoned pork belly that is roasted until the skin becomes crispy while the meat remains tender and juicy.

According to a Facebook user known as Izham Nayam, his friend ordered food from a restaurant they often frequented to.

The food delivered by the delivery person to them was from a chicken rice restaurant, not the restaurant they frequented.

“At the time, the mother was busy teaching online classes, and the children were hungry.

“So the father ordered food for them, and when the food arrived, the children took it and ate directly.

“The receipt from this restaurant is usually placed on the outer layer of the plastic bag, but this time it was placed at the bottom. The mother later discovered that the food delivered was non-halal,” Izham wrote on his Facebook account, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The food that Izham’s friend was supposed to receive was Mee Tarik.

Online photos showed both the food and receipt, clearly indicating they received chicken rice and roast pork rice, which is not what his friend ordered.

This incident has garnered attention from netizens, who questioned why such a mistake occurred, with many condemning the delivery person for mistakenly delivering non-halal food and causing the children to consume it accidentally.

Many netizens also urged the authorities to investigate the matter to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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