DAP ready for Urimai in Sg Bakap

DAP is prepared for Urimai’s baptism of fire in Sungai Bakap, said Jelutong MP RSN Rayer.

“We will take him on. I think Ramasamy is just bitter about being dropped as a candidate and he wants to take it out on the party. Come, we will face him,” he said.

He was responding to reports of Urimai’s potential candidacy in Sungai Bakap, Penang.

Rayer said the “good professor”  is welcome to participate in the election fray.

Harapan Daily previously reported that Urimai is mulling over Sungai Bakap as it is supportive of PKR if PKR fields former state assemblyman Amar Pritpal Abdullah as a candidate.

The Sungai Bakap by -election will be held following the death of it’s assemblyman last month.

The seat would be contested by a PKR candidate.

On another note, Rayer also took Ramasamy to task for the latter’s preoccupation with Indian Hindu issues.

He defended DAP’s multicultural stance.

“It does not mean that if we are multi-racial, we will neglect the issues of one particular race. We will address all if it is brought to our attention but we need to be careful to preserve our diverse identity.

“We are a Malaysian party,” he said, adding that Ramasamy has forgotten the true nature of DAP.

“He is no loyalist,” he said, reported The Vibes. 

“We knew the type of person Ramasamy is. He was an opportunist who latched on to the strong momentum the party was gaining. If he was willing to fight Karpal, it showed what sort of person he is,” he added. 

Rayer highlighted that despite extensive lobbying by the late DAP stalwart Datuk Seri Karpal Singh for Ramasamy to become deputy chief minister, a position traditionally reserved for Indians, Ramasamy still turned against Karpal.

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