Unethical preacher teaching children to lie to their parents for the sake of conversion to Islam

A human rights organisation has raised alarm over the unethical methods vouched by Chinese Muslim convert preacher Firdaus Wong Wai Hung to convert under age non Muslim school going children to Islam.

“The Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF) condemns the unethical actions depicted in the TikTok video, as they involve teaching children to lie and engage in religious activities behind their parent’s backs.

“This raises broader questions about what values and lessons are being imparted to young school children,” said the organisation’s president, S Shashi Kumar in a statement.

“GHRF advises parents to closely monitor their children, especially those still in school, to prevent such covert conversions from occurring.”

In a 4:12 minute TikTok video, Wong said there was no problem for one to convert where age is concerned.

For those who are minors, don’t take photos or videos when they perform their proclamation of faith. Don’t register them.

“They can perform their prayers according to their ability. We can them to pray under the cover of the blanket.

Wong said this in response to a question about non Muslim school children who allegedly wants to convert to the Muslim faith. The students are around 15 and 16 years old.

Shashi pointed out that Wong’s actions is against clause 3 and 4 of Article 12 in the federal constitution.

Clause 3 states that no one can be instructed to participate in act of worship of a religion other than their own. Clause 4 states that the faith of a minor is to be determined by the parents or guardian.

“Therefore, the actions of the ustaz and the preacher in the video seen as not only disregarding the rights of the parents.

“It is to convert the minors without the knowledge of their parents raises questions about the ethical principles involved in religious conversions especially when the preacher teaching the methods of praying discreetly without the family members knowledge.

“The actions of the ustaz, who is also a secondary school teacher, raises questions about his duty of care towards the students under his supervision.

Authentic, sincere conversions?

“Engaging in discussions about religious conversion without involving parents, is seen as breaching the trust and responsibility placed upon him as an educator.

He added that the unethical method raises questions over the authenticity and sincerity of religious conversions.

“Moreover, the suggestion made by the preacher to convert the minors first and then teach them about Islam raises concerns about the authenticity and sincerity of religious conversions.

“True faith should stem from genuine belief and understanding, rather than being coerced or manipulated in any way. By advocating for covert conversions, the preacher seems to be promoting a superficial and insincere approach, which goes against the principles of our law and constitution.”

He added that GHRF wants the Education Ministry and Islamic bodies to be responsible and investigate this matter.

“The prevalence of unlawful conversions in Malaysia is a serious issue that needs to be addressed to protect the rights of minors and uphold ethical standards in religious conversions.”

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