I am no politician to politicise matters, says GHRF president to Firdaus Wong

Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF) president S Shashi Kumar countered allegations by Chinese Muslim convert preacher Firdaus Wong Wai Hung who claimed that the former is merely politicising the issue of the latter’s TikTok video.

“I am not a politician to politicise the matter. I am just heading an NGO. He is openly telling others to teach children to lie to their parents.

“You are merely creating fear to non-Muslims, Firdaus Wong,” Shashi Kumar told Harapan Daily.

“How many are converted in this manner? He is teaching to lie whereas religions teach morals and ethics to its followers.”

Shashi also countered Wong’s claim that it was the school children who wanted to convert.

“If what he alleged is true, isn’t it the duty of the teacher to inform the parents?

“Minors are easily influenced. This is where parents and guardian come into the picture to decide for the minors.”

Yesterday Shashi took Wong to task for promoting underhanded tactics that can be used to convert school going minors.

A video posted on Wong’s TikTok account four days ago elaborated on methods to convert minors without the need to register them.

Penang Mufti Datuk Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor meanwhile also joined in the bandwagon on this issue.

Non Muslim parents in fear

“My suggestion is that the conversion to Islam is done in two stages.

“The first is done informally with all the required witnesses, so that if there is a death (of the person) it means we have proof of him (converting) and his remains can be managed according to Islamic ways,” he said, Malaysiakini reported.

The second stage would involve formal registration that can be postponed.

On this issue, Shashi questioned whether Wan Salim’s methods were part of the law of this country.

“Where is the law on it? There is law. Who is he to create such guidelines?”

On this note he reiterated his call to the Education Ministry (MOE).

“What is happening in Malaysia? The MOE must enforce its regulations.

“Parents send their children to school because they trust the school and the teachers.

“How can we trust now? These people are creating fear,” he said.