What is so unique about Sungai Bakap?

The Election Commission has decided to host the Sungai Bakap by-election on 6 July. So what makes Sungai Bakap a unique by-election?

The semi urban Malay majority seat has about 40 percent non-Malay voters.

Unlike other seats this by-election puts Perikatan Nasional and Pas particularly under pressure since they would have to fight tooth and nail to retain their new frontier.

Sungai Bakap is unique because it presents an opportunity for Pakatan Harapan to reclaim a seat from Pas which is not in Pas or PN’s backyard.

It is also a chance for PH to prove that the green wave that the opposition bloc had been riding on since the 15th general election and the state polls last year has long subsided.

The sea is calm.

PH goes to Sungai Bakap as an underdog which has the backing of both the federal and state government.

The Malay based parties in both PH and Barisan Nasional needs to work hard to bring in the Malay votes because this Penang state seat is located next to Kedah which is part of the Malay belt states held by PN.

On that note it is also vital for PKR to field a winnable candidate.