Targeted diesel subsidy contained smuggling

Communication Minister Fahmi Fadzil pointed out that the targeted diesel subsidy implemented on June 10 has contained diesel smuggling.

“Before June 10, some petrol stations were selling diesel every day, sometimes in the thousands and tens of thousands of litres, despite not being close to factories or industrial sectors.

“However, after June 10, the amount of diesel sold at these stations dropped abruptly.

“This proves that smuggling and misappropriation of diesel are rampant,” he said.

He said this while officiating Mydin Mart Pantai Dalam earlier today.

Fahmi stressed that maintaining subsidies for deserving and needy groups is the correct move.

“The group that is ‘affected’ and those who are angry are the smugglers because their income is affected.

“But to me, that’s not income, it’s ‘getting’ what they stole. They steal and make a profit on your money too,” he said.

Bulk diesel subsidy were terminated on June 10 and replaced with targeted diesel subsidy which led to fluctuations of diesel prices in the market.

The diesel prices are now fixed at RM3.35 per litre.

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