Firdaus Wong, Zamri Vinoth are instigators, provocateurs

Two opposition activists claimed that converted Chinese Muslim proselytiser Firdaus Wong and converted Indian Muslim proselytiser Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu are nothing more than instigators and provocateurs

“As you say, their job is only to instigate and provoke so that there are no peace in this country,” said Urimai’s protem secretary general Satees Muniandy in their recent podcast talk show, Sembang Pokok.

“Wong clearly tells people to breach the constitution shortly after the court decided in favor of the case involving Loh Siew Hong. Even the Raja Muda of Perlis called upon the people to respect court decision,” added Urimai’s protem deputy chairman David Marshel.

Loh Siew Hong was victorious in nullifying the conversion of her three children who were converted unilaterally by her ex-husband.

The duo was commenting on the recent slew of police reports lodged against the two for various instances of insulting other faiths as well as the underhanded tactics that was revealed by Wong to convert school going minors via TikTok.

“Do you have guts to send your children to UNIMAP? He is telling people to break the Constitution. He is telling people to bypass the Constitution making minors do the proclamation of faith without registering it,” Satees said.

UMIMAP is Universiti Malaysia Perlis. Vinoth’s NGO, One Centre Malaysia is based in Perlis and he is known to be in the good books of the Perlis Mufti, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.

The constitution is crystal clear on the need for mutual consent of both parents before the faith of those under 18 is changed.

Urimai deputy chairman and Sembang Pokok co-host David Marshel

David also countered Wong’s allegation that other faiths also conduct proselytization.

“If a kid is proselytized to be a Christian, you can stop the conversion. Can you do that if it involves Islam?

Satees took the example of Loh’s case to explain that the conversion of Loh’s children had to be fought in the highest court of the land by spending thousands of ringgit and it was no easy matter.

He also alleged that such conversions are rampant in government owned day care centres.

“We are not against conversion. Everyone has the right to convert above the age of 18. You can’t make a U-turn if you convert to Islam.”

It is the newly converts

Returning back to Wong, he said it was the call by Wong to convert the underage is not only unethical, it is also illegal.

“He is instigating we know that but we also know that no action would be taken against him.”

He also questioned the lack of action among Indian lawmakers.

“They are so invincible so what are the ethnic Indian lawmakers doing about it?”

David meanwhile pointed out that it was not the Malays who are instigating conversions.

“It is those who convert from their former faith who are doing it. They are the ones who talk a lot. Even the Indian Muslims don’t do this. They have strong sentiments for the Tamil language.

“(People like) Vinoth used to talk in Malay but now switched to Tamil and debating. It is pointless to debate with him.”

Satees who agreed with his colleague said it is best for non-Muslims to counter people like Vinoth in court instead of debating in futility.

David also speculated there are chances that these cases may end up to being prosecuted under SOSMA if some quarters opt to debate the duo who are instigating.