Cheaper to have teachers trained in China or Taiwan, says Julau MP

Julau MP Datuk Larry Sng said that sending teachers to Taiwan or China for training would ensure they achieve high standards at a lower cost.

“I hope the Ministry of Education will send teachers to train in Taiwan or China because their standard is high. Teachers can learn from their working culture and discipline to further enhance the teaching and learning processes.

“Compared to studying in England, Australia, or New Zealand, it is much cheaper in Taiwan or China — three or four times cheaper and yet the standard is comparable or even better,” he said during SJK Hock Lam’s Teachers’ Day dinner yesterday.

Sng who is also the chairman of the board of management at SJK (C) Hock Lam mentioned separately that next month, they will issue a tender for earthwork and land leveling on the school’s property in Bletih.

“The tender will be called in July to carry out earthwork and levelling the 10 acres of land, slope and terrace cutting, earth filling, and levelling. We have to do it before the diesel price shoots up or else it would be more costly,” Sng said.

In Kapit, Sarawak, SJK (C) Hock Lam is the sole Chinese-medium-aided primary school, boasting a faculty of over 40 teachers and serving more than 700 students.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has been urged to send teachers for training in Taiwan or China, reported The Borneo Post.

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