BRICS won’t be another talk-shop like OIC, ASEAN, says analyst

A political analyst has welcomed Malaysia’s decision to apply for membership in BRICS as the organisation would not be another talk-shop such as OIC and ASEAN.

“Traditionally Malaysia places OIC and ASEAN as the most important organisations. OIC is useless (just look at the Gaza issue) and ASEAN is useless when it comes to China, more of a talk-shop.

“BRICS may actually do something for the world. Let’s see if they will accept Malaysia,” said political scientist James Chin of University of Tasmania, Australia.

He added that Malaysia also needs the membership as a leverage compared to Indonesia.

“Indonesia is already a member of G-20 so Malaysia needs something,” he said via X.

He said this in response to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s announcement that Putrajaya would begin formal procedures to join the intergovernmental organisation.

“We are now awaiting for the final decision and feedback from the government of South Africa,” Anwar told Shanghai based news, Guancha yesterday.

BRICS was originally made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

It was founded in 2006 and is made up of a powerful grouping leafing emerging market economies.

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