Noor Azimah: Restore DLP based on parents wishes

The Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) chairperson, Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, pointed out that schools should restore the Dual Language Programme (DLP) according to the wishes of the parents.

She said that this action is appropriate, especially considering the current English proficiency levels among students.

“Before students’ and future employees’ English proficiency worsens, DLP should be restored,” she said. 

She urged the government not to be inconsistent and find excuses regarding the implementation of the DLP in schools.

Furthermore, Noor Azimah noted that parents sending their children to national schools demonstrates their awareness of the importance of Malay as the official language.

However, she emphasised that DLP can strengthen students’ English proficiency, improve their scientific knowledge, and enhance their job prospects.

She said that the government should establish an English-medium secondary school in each state to increase the success rate of related subject teachers.

“This step can provide a large number of high-quality English teachers. Most of our English teachers have lower proficiency levels because they come from Malay-medium national schools. They only encounter English learning through the English subject,” she said, reported Sin Chew Daily. 

The DLP is an initiative established by the Ministry of Education, allowing schools to teach Science and Mathematics in English.

Since 2016, schools have had the option to conduct Science and Mathematics classes in English.

Education minister Fadhlina Sidek said groups of Malay nationalists, national laureates, language activists, writers, academics, and advocates have consistently voiced their opposition to the implementation of the Dual Language Programme (DLP), likening it to PPSMI and asserting that it is unconstitutional.

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