There is a problem with enforcement when preachers go overboard

EXCLUSIVE Islamic Dakwah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim) chairman Hasanuddin Yunus pointed out that the problem of Muslim preachers going overboard to the point of causing tensions between the various races was due to weakness in the enforcement.

“Some enforcement officials needs to be trained and coached. We recently saw the customs who are authorised to curb smuggled containers but they flouted the law. We are talking about how to discipline the enforcement officials.

“If the enforcement is weak, I admit that there are preachers whether converts or otherwise are over the board, please make a police report. Do the necessary reports. We will do surveillance on them.

“We can question the police on the progress of the police report, whether the investigation is complete or was it handed over to the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“It is vital for us to cooperate regarding this type of issues.”

Harapan Daily raised the issue of certain converted Muslim preachers who are going overboard in their zeal to convert non – Muslims.

Case in point is Chinese Muslim convert proselytizer Firdaus Wong Wei Hung and Indian Muslim convert Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu who frequently insult the faiths of non-Muslims.

Recently Wong was under the spotlight for claiming that there are underhanded methods to converts underage non-Muslims. This is clearly against the Federal Constitution. He had also said the minor can be taught to perform prayers under the blanket.

Islam forbids Muslims from insulting other faiths

Wong’s revelation had caused the non-Muslim community at unease.

Hasanuddin said even Islam forbade its followers from insulting other faiths.

He quoted Surah Al-Kafirun that contained the verse, “To you your faith, to me mine.

“Even Prophet Muhammad forbids us from insulting other faiths and gods. We cannot insult the idols, then the community would insult our faith. That is what we want to control and will try to do so.

“Recordings on Youtube and the police reports would be send to a committee in Jakim. There is also a committee to oversee cases of insulting the royalty. The public can send an online report to Jakim.

“The reports are gathered on a weekly basis. That was what was launched by the minister.

“There is enforcement. It is open online and all have right to make a report. You can call 017-323 4533 or email

“If you lodge a report and there is no action, inform us so that we can question the ones responsible. I can assist Jakim.”

In Part 1 of this interview Hasanuddin said Yadim aims to ensure preachers are in tune with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s vision of Malaysia Madani.