Pas not joining the federal government, reiterates Guan Eng

Democratic Action Party (DAP) national chairman Lim Guan Eng reiterated his party secretary general, Anthony Loke rubbishing rumours about Pas joining the unity government.

He also indirectly criticized the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) without explicitly naming them. 

“Rumours that the unity government is talking with PAS to join the Federal government is untrue. I had met with my DAP Ministers and all of them mentioned that this was never even discussed at the highest levels.

“Clearly those trying to manufacture the false impression that DAP is involved with talks to bring PAS into the Federal government have deceitful intentions to tarnish DAP’s image. 

“They have clearly forgotten their nefarious role just after the 15th General Elections when they were instrumental in trying to put PAS into government by signing Statutory Declarations supporting Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as Prime Minister,” Lim said via a Facebook post. 

Lim said without naming MCA in a Facebook post.

He said those in the unity government must stop harping on rumours that will confuse the people especially when we are facing a difficult Sungai Bakap by-election in Penang. 

“Otherwise, they will be no different from having your body in the unity government whilst your heart is outside,” he said. 

Reports of Pas potentially joining the unity government emerged in October last year, but were promptly refuted by Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Pas deputy president Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has said that his party will not join the unity government.

On June 22, government spokesman Fahmi Fadzil chose not to confirm or deny speculation regarding Pas joining the federal government.

Yesterday, Transport Minister Anthony Loke clarified that Pas has not received an invitation to join the unity government.

On June 23, MCA Vice President Wee Jack Seong commented in a Facebook post that DAP has had multiple on-and-off relationships with PAS, often changing positions.

In the post, he questioned whether DAP would reconcile with Pas again.

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