Nik Nazmi dares PN: Shutdown all BlackRock factories

PKR vice president Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad dared Perikatan Nasional held states to shut down all BlackRock – linked factories.

The states referred to are Kedah and Kelantan which are led by Pas.

“I want to challenge any PN leader who asked that we refrain from having any dealings with BlackRock.

“They should quickly close down the factories and leave the workers jobless. Only then can we discuss,” Nik Nazmi who is also natural resources and environmental sustainability minister said during a Pakatan Harapan campaign rally in Sungai Bakap last night, Malaysiakini reported.

The dare was made due to objections against a planned takeover of Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad due to BlackRock connection.

BlackRock is a US based firm involved in manufacturing weapons for Israel.

BlackRock is in the midst of taking over GIP, a key investor in a consortium involved in the acquisition of MAHB shares.

GIP has confirmed that BlackRock is not involved with the interest takeover of MAHB.

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