Government prefers soft approach in monitoring AI tech

The government prefers a soft approach over hard approach in monitoring and preventing artificial intelligence (AI)technology from being used against the law, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang.

“Monitoring AI using a soft approach involves the use of standards and code of ethics.

“The choice of suitable monitoring is suitable, depending on the AI ecosystem in a particular nation.

“The development of AI in this country can still be categorised as new.

“The dependence on hard approach methods for monitoring would disrupt AI technology innovation process in the country and would be an impediment to the development of start – up companies in the countries,” said Chang in a written reply.

The hard approach refers to law enforcement.

He said this in response to S Kesavan (PH-Sungai Siput) who asked whether Malaysia would table a specific law related to AI in a bid to prevent the technology from being used for activities against the law since cyber crimes are expected to increase through the use of AI.

Chang said his ministry has developed the AI governance and ethics guidelines which emphasises on seven AI principles to three target groups – public, policy makers and technology providers.

“At present, monitoring and control on digital technology such as AI is done through existing laws such as Communications and Multimedia Act, Personal Data Protection Act and others.”

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