Backbencher calls for HRD Corp CEO’s head to roll

A vocal government backbencher has called upon the government to suspend Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD Corp) chief executive officer.

Hassan Abdul Karim (PH-Pasir Gudang) called for action to be taken against Datuk Shahul Hameed Shaik Dawood.

“Either suspend him or terminate the management, which is the CEO. This is because he holds two positions: on the board of directors and the investment panel,” said Hassan while debating the finding’s of the Auditor General’s Department.

The government agency is under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

The Auditor-General’s Report 2/2024 has recommended that the Human Resources Ministry refer the company to relevant enforcement agencies.

In a related development the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission have started their probe on HRD Corp.

The Public Accounts Committee through its probe revealed that the HRD Corp used RM3.77 billion derived from levies collected from employers involved in training development programmes for unrelated investments.

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